Author: Paul Gordon

Shoot First Police Training Makes Cops Unstable And Dangerous

The continued use of shoot first training for police officers has made them more prone to violence and dangerous to the public. Follow David on Twitter – Help us spread the word about the liberty movement, we’re reaching millions help us reach millions more. Share the free live video feed link with your friends & family: Follow Alex on TWITTER – Like Alex on FACEBOOK – Infowars on G+ – :Web: :Subscribe and share your login with 20 friends: Visit to get the products Alex Jones and his...

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Wisconsin Might Be Teaching High School Kids Gun Safety and How to Shoot

Wisconsin public schools may soon get exposed to guns in a constructive way. This is sure to anger the anti-gun cultists who have been attempting to create and foster a gun fear culture for decades. from Wisconsin high school students would learn how to handle a range of guns — from handguns to rifles — as an elective class under a state Assembly bill introduced last week. Rep. Ken Skowronski (R-Franklin) is the lead sponsor of the bill, which would allow schools to offer on-site gun education classes. Its purpose is to promote gun safety and to boost...

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11 Year Old Kills Charging Bear with Shotgun – Video

Wow. This kid was trained well. Also, what kind of shotgun did he use? Might want one now. from #elliot-clark-bear-alaska” target=”_blank”> #elliot-clark-bear-alaska An 11-year-old boy armed with a shotgun took down a brown bear charging at him and his family during a fishing trip in southeast Alaska last month. Elliot Clark and his uncle Craig Stoltzfus, along with his grandfather, a cousin and three dogs, were walking through the woods near Game Creek in Port Frederick located several miles south of Hoonah when the incident took place. The group was making their way to a nearby fishing hole. Elliot...

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