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  • King Obama Threatens America's GovernorsGovernor Rick Perry came out of a meeting with Barack Obama and the Governors with some choice words for and about the commander in chief. At the heart of Perry's comments was a schoolyard-bully-type warning Obama gave to any Governor who would dare complain about the government spending so much money after applying cuts to the National Guard:
  • I Am Not A...Tax Cheat- But Is The IRS?Christine O'Donnell's bid to win the Delaware Senate Election in 2010 was driven off the rails in part by a scandal that involved her tax returns. It turns out, the scandal was real, but it wasn't what O'Donnell did or did not do, it's what agents within the IRS did for political reasons:
  • EPA Pushes To Regulate EverythingThe question before us today is whether the Supreme Court will halt the EPA's power grab through the Clean Air Act or bestow on the EPA the most power any agency or even branch of government has today, the power to regulate everything:


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